What is SEO?

The process of bringing a website to the top of search results on a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN or DuckDuckGo. The beauty of being high in the search results is that the cost of getting visitors is very low & there is inherent trust from the visitor.

By ranking higher search results, the cost goes down substantially while lead generation & conversion improves. The Social Sniper team is expert at strategizing & executing the necessary actions for bringing your website to the top of search results.


How We Do It?

Keyword Research & Analysis

Selecting the right keywords is the top priority if the keywords are selected carefully then the rest of the journey can be smooth. Properly selected keywords once updated in the content work like magic. Social Sniper uses the most advanced keyword tools & tactics to give you the advantage right at the beginning of your SEO journey. The keywords we select are not just meant to be competitive but the ones that can directly create the targeted business effect of generating leads or sales.

Website Optimisation

Your website will be analysed for entities that play important role in ranking high for eg; Internal link structure, keyword density, text content, bold text, Title, Description, Meta Tags and the Image Alt Tags. Continuous updates & regular modification to the content is made for achieving high organic ranking in the search engines.

Off-site Optimisation

Off-site SEO is about generating high-quality, relevant links to the website using clean & ethical tactics. We keep the focus on the quality of links to produce substantial long-term results in the organic rankings. Search engines value uniqueness and quality of the content and the links to the websites. Social Sniper will create credible links and not paid for or exchanged links, which are quintessential to ranking highly and never in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Social Media

As the influence of social media grows the links from social media pages become frequent in search results. Social Sniper develops the right methodology to use on your social media pages to develop a contributing factor towards the SEO efforts of your website. The expansion with social media can be rapid & exponential, which is one of our strongest abilities to use & substantiate towards improving your online presence.