Mobile Apps Are The Future Of Business

If your business isn’t available through the mobile app, chances are it will not survive in the next few years. Make the move now & take your business to the next level with a dedicated mobile app.

Social Sniper

App Development At Social Sniper

1. Conceptualisation

The app idea is framed & laid down in detail. The market research for target market, preliminary functions, brainstorming sessions & competitor analysis are conducted to determine the best version of the idea that can be useful in the real world.

2. Feasibility Test

An outline of the app visuals via wireframes, sketches of the envisioned product is created. The ideas are arranged with design components for feasibility, this sometimes results in robust changes to the original vision.

3. Design Work

UX (user experience) designer creates the user personas for the modern user’s preference of the interaction with the app while the UI (user Interface) designer works on the design elements’ interaction

4. Development Phase

A working prototype is developed for functionality, features, and data management of the project. The app goes through the development process of core features & testing while adding elements of value.

5. Testing & Deployment

Besides continuous testing while development, final testing for utility, security, load, compatibility, and performance is done in beta-phase to fix all bugs which readies the app for launch.

Mobile application development does not stop at the launch. Using the feedback from users continuous further improvements are made to the app designs & features. With the long term commitment at the social sniper, we are able to ensure the app is evolving with the market & technology to stay on top of your & users expectations.