LinkedIn Ads- How these can trigger your business growth?

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Who said LinkedIn is only for job seekers or professionals? What Konstantin Guericke? No, I guess! Although LinkedIn was incorporated for professional networking, such as employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CV, it has become a place for businesses too.  How?  With LinkedIn ads. 

LinkedIn ads are new in digital marketing and gaining a lot of attention as well as clients. Currently, more than 630.0 million professionals are using this platform. LinkedIn has been proved to be a wonderful social media network and a service provider. This is because apart from other social media marketing platforms, such as Facebook, Linkedin ads have their eye on B2B marketers. And, as we said there are millions of professional users that may help the businesses grow.

So, are you gearing up for advertising on LinkedIn? 

If yes, then grab a chair and a notepad. 

Running ads on Linkedin is quite similar to Facebook, Google, and Twitter. If you know how to run ads on these platforms then it’s great, if not still no worries we’ve got you covered. 

But, first of all, let’s choose what kind of Linkedin ad do you need for your business?

What are the types of LinkedIn ads? 

There are various ad formats available on LinkedIn that you can integrate on LinkedIn. The most popular LinkedIn ad formats are discussed as follows-  

  • Text Ads 
  • Dynamic Ads 
  • Sponsored Content / Direct Sponsored Content Ads
  • Sponsored InMail Ads
  • Lead Gen Forms Ads 

Why you should use text LinkedIn ads? 

These ads are quite similar to Google ads/Bing. Here, you are able to run multiple ad variations per campaign, which later makes verifying easy of the best-performing images and copy. The point which you need to keep in your mind is that these ads only run on desktop and are displayed on the right rail of the news feed. There are two models i.e. cost per click and cost per thousand (CPM) impressions. 

So, if you are thinking to run a quick campaign that does not take much time to set up and manage then text formats are made for you. These ads are proved to be a great choice for Brand Awareness, as typically they have a lower CPM compared to the LinkedIn ad formats. 

Why you should choose Dynamic Ads? 

Dynamic ads are very engaging and effective and increasing traffic to a landing page or company page,  as these are dynamically generated ad format that uses provided details and information from LinkedIn members profile. 

These types of LinkedIn ads are great for luring users to follow your LinkedIn company page or advertising job opening.  Members or users can also send their name and email address directly in the dynamic ad, without filling info by hand. 

If someone submits their details even once via ad unit, then their information will automatically start downloading to their desktop.  One of the best advantages of using this ad is that Linkedin only serves two visuals ads on a page at one specific time.

Why you should use Sponsored/Direct Sponsored content LinkedIn ads? 

Sponsored content advertise a piece of content that is already available on your Linkedin company page. It delivers content to the LinkedIn feed of members beyond those who follow the company. 

Direct sponsored content personalizes and tests content in the news feed without publishing any posts on your LinkedIn company page. It does not appear on the LinkedIn Page or Showcase Page as an update before it served as an advertisement.   

These ads are available in following ad formats- 

  1. Single image ads have one image and display in the LinkedIn feed of those members whom you want to reach. 
  2. Carousel ads let you display multiple images in succession in a carousel and single-style ad. 
  3. Video ads show video content in the targeted member’s LinkedIn feed. 

Thus, if you have any piece of content or are seeking ways to drive people to a blog post, then integrating Sponsored/Direct Sponsored Content is a wise choice. 

Why you should use Sponsored InMail LinkedIn ads?

Users can easily see their Sponsored InMail messages from any device. This helps in driving more engagement and leads from the target audience by offering them personalized and private messages right to their inboxes. 

These messages consist of body text, call-to-action button, custom greeting, and a link to the message body. These are purchased on a “cost per send” basis, which means you will pay per unit for each message delivered. 

This type of ad format is extremely personalized due to the fact that these messages are delivered direct to the Linkedin user inbox who is your target audience. 

These ads help in lead generation colossally and guarantee 100% deliverability. It sends out a sponsored InMail to a member-only when he/she is online.  

Why you should use Lead Gen Forms? 

Using Lead Gen Forms lets you collect more leads from your LinkedIn ads with pre-filled forms filled with users’ information.  These ads are quite similar to Sponsored Content when watching them on the news feed. These are currently available on mobile. The advantage of deploying Lead Gen Forms is that a user will not be asked to leave LinkedIn to fill out a form. 

What is your objective to set a LinkedIn ad? 

Before heading towards any ad campaign, it is very important to set your objective or goal. Are you seeking ways to bring more leads, expanding thought leadership, or building brand awareness?  

Setting a goal helps in eliminating confusion and uncertainty, it gives a clear image of what ad should you run, what will be your audience, and what kind of Linkedin Ad do you need for the growth of the company. 

Who is your LinkedIn ads audience? 

Your objective of the LinkedIn ad will define your audience. For instance- if you are looking to run ads for job vacancies then your audience will be job seekers or job placement companies. Always think twice, who you want to target before running the campaign. 

You can target your audience by company, industry, location, degree of study, skill level, and many more. You can also target businesses, beginners (start-ups), agencies, and real-estate.

Why LinkedIn ads are important for businesses? 

Linkedin ads are playing a very crucial role in the marketing of any product or service. Following are some of the reasons why Linkedin Ads are important for any marketers, agencies, or businesses- 

  1. More than 600.0 million professional users are using LinkedIn. The probability of surging leads and engagement is quite high on this platform as well as getting a genuine client is also one of the advantages.
  2. 60% of the users on LinkedIn are people in leadership positions or managers. These people are like a golden wand for B2B companies as they can easily influence business decision-making.

  3. Apart from targeting the audience, Linkedin brings to you as many as leads in good quality. Quality catches up with quantity here! Furthermore,  it adds weight on the side of the marketing strategy too by offering worthy customers.

  4. Linkedin ads also help in catching the right people as they offer very detailed choices at the time of selecting your targeted audience. It also target people based on their interest and previous search and clicks.

  5. There are various types of Linkedin ads available according to the objective of the businesses. Furthermore, LinkedIn is a platform that cares for the community, understands their demand, and preferences.

  6. With LinkedIn ads, you will get what you have paid for. It solved this problem with the pay-per-click, which states pay per performance. Thus, only users who clicked and saw your ads will cost you. 

  7. Apart from that, if you want users to see your ad only, there is something for that also which will be in the form of payment per impression. 

How much do LinkedIn ads costs? 

The LinkedIn ads cost depends on the cost-per-click (CPC) ads, the price will vary according to your targeting criteria and competition. Personally, we have seen CPC usually starts at around $2.0 and can run up to $4 or $5 per click. 

These ads peg a good click-through-rate at 0.025%, but you can still make it better with targeted ads featuring vibrant photos and compelling copies. 

Tip of the Day.

Switch up your LinkedIn ads often, at least once in a month. New ads get a boost in terms of impressions and have a chance of scoring a better click-through-rate than your previous ads. Don’t run more than two ads at one time. Test early and test often.

How to create Linkedin Ads?

Creating your first campaign might feel like climbing a mountain but once you know how to do, it will be a piece of cake. So, following are the steps you need to cover for creating a LinkedIn ad- 

  • Sign up into Campaign Manager 

The campaign manager is an advertising platform on LinkedIn.  You have to create your account on it and later use it for creating an ad. After creating a free account, the platform on its own will guide through each step of setting up the campaign. 

  • Select your Objective 

The objective here means an action you want your audience to take upon after seeing the ad. Choosing your objective aids in showing ad formats, bid, and features that back your goal during campaign creation. Some of the examples of objectives are Brand awareness, website visits, engagement, lead generation, and job applicants. 

  • Cement your target audience 

Nest step is to cement your target audience. You can target your audience with professional traits, such as company name, job title, and industry type. In addition, targeting audience by personal or professional interests, or customize by filling your own research data using Matched Audience- which includes, email contact targeting, retargeting, and account-based targeting. 

  • Select your ad format 

After creating the audience, you will select an ad format for your first campaign. Depending upon your goal, you can choose from the various types of LinkedIn ads, such as text ads, sponsored content, and dynamic ads.

  • Set your Bid and Budget

Setting the initial budget will aid in automating or controlling costs and validating marketing strategy. Campaign Manager will suggest you a range based on current competing bids for your selected audience. 

  • Set up your Ad creative 

As you design Text ads and Sponsored Content, Campaign Manager will create previews in various sizes and environments, which let you see how your ad will look like. For instance- in the case of Sponsored InMail, you can send yourself a test message. 

  • Save the billing information

The last step before launching your first campaign is to set up the details of payment. Enter a credit or debit card, save, and your campaign will enter a review process before running.


In this blog, we have tried to cover almost every important aspect on Linkedin Ads but if you still feel confused then don’t feel hesitate, contact us.

Or, write down your question in the comment box, we will try our best to reach you soon.

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