Instagram Ads Cost in India- How much you will Spend?

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Instagram has become one of the best social networks to campaign on after its parent company Facebook. The average Instagram ads or advertisement CPC ( cost per click) falls between $0.50 – $2.00. 

But, in the apparel sector, the average cost can reach up to $3.00 due to the high competition. Currently, there are over 800.0 million monthly active users on Instagram, in which more than 70.0 million are Indian. 

With the surging number of Instagram active users, “Instagram ads are expected to reach nearly a quarter of Facebook’s total ad revenue by the end of 2019 and 30.0% of total ad revenue by the end of 2020”. A marketing report by Shopify states that Instagram users tend to spend the avg. of $65 per referred sale. In comparison, Facebook users only spend $55 and Twitter users $46.26.

But, do these active users play any role in the Instagram ads cost? Let’s find out! 

Well, the truth is that there is no wrong or right answer to this question as the cost for ads depends on numerous factors. Today, in this article, we will try to lay out a few benchmarks that will offer more insight into ads cost.  

So, for better understanding, we have drafted top four most asked question on the cost for Instagram ads-  

  • How much do Instagram ads cost to marketers?
  • How to bid for Instagram ads?
  • How to set and manage Instagram ad budgets and bids? 
  • How to keep your Instagram ad costs low in the best way?

How much do Instagram ads cost to marketers?

According to a study by Forrester, “Instagram posts tend to get 10 times more engagement than Facebook posts on average”, which means there is a higher chance of converting the visitors into paying customers or loyal brand followers with Instagram ads. As a result, Instagram ad’s costs are generally higher than Facebook ads, even the target audience is the same. 

Furthermore, with its impressive click-through rate and targeting capabilities, the cost for Instagram ads is a bit higher. The average cost per thousand views (CPM) is $6.70 and this is expected to lower due to the increasing number of companies on this platform.

Besides, if using cost-per-click (CPC), the average CPC for Instagram ads falls between 70 and 80 cents per click. There are many factors that determine the cost of/for Instagram ads, including age and gender. For instance, there’s a difference in Instagram CPC charges for different age groups.  The highest price to target 25-34 years old users is nearly $1.28 per click and the lowest is $0.27 per click for 13-17 years olds. 

Instagram ads cost in India

Instagram ads cost in India

In addition, the gender of users also affects the cost of Instagram ads as the cost for targetting women on Instagram is quite higher than men. According to the sproutsocial, the platform is more popular among women than men, with 39.0% of women using the Instagram vs. 30.0% of men.  

After managing thousands of Instagram ads campaigns, Social sniper has seen the cost for such ads usually falls between $0.50 to $3.00 depending on some factors, such as age, gender, amount of bid, relevance score, and estimated rates of action. 

Factors contributing to the Instagram Ads cost

Following are four main factors that will affect your pocket for Instagram ads- 

  1. The age and gender of users
  2. The amount of bid for your campaign
  3. Your Instagram ads’ relevance score- how relevant Instagram considers your campaign in relation to the people you are targeting via ads. 
  4. Your estimated rates of action- how many people will take the action on the provided ads. For instance, how likely are users to convert when your ads appear? 

Tip-  If you are thinking about investing in Instagram for your business or marketing purpose then think how much a conversion is fruitful to you and also make sure that your advertisements have a positive return on investment (ROI). Social sniper works day and night to surge your ROI. 

How to bid for Instagram ads?

The Instagram ads bidding works exactly like Facebook ads biding as both of them are set-up on the same platform. Bidding for Instagram ads means that when campaigning for Instagram ads, you will be stepping into a worldwide auction for the user’s attention. There are two ways for bidding which are as follows- 

Automatic vs. Manual Bidding

Setting up your Instagram ad campaign’s bidding and budget in the Facebook Ads Manager can be quite confusing. So, for that, there is an explanation of both the terms which Social Sniper thinks are best and easily understandable.

Manual Bidding

The names itself states you have to do the bidding manually. Manual bidding includes managing bids straight through Bing or AdWords. You will decide when to bid, on what to bid, and for how much you bid. You can select a bid based on what links clicks are significant to you.

Automatic Bidding

This bidding, on the other hand, is automatic. Facebook on its own will decide the bid that will offer you more link clicks at the best price.

Tip- Social Sniper suggests if you are new to Facebook/Instagram bidding then you should go for manual bidding or what you can do is place your bid according to Facebook suggested bid which will appear when you choose a manual bidding option.

Instagram ads are managed through the same platform, so during ads set up, you will be offered options like where you want your ads to appear. 

They may show on:

  • Facebook (in various different locations)
  • Instagram obviously, and 
  • Facebook’s Audience Network (Websites that are affiliated and agreed to display Facebooks’s ads on their own sites)

It is a fact that your bid amount not only defines your spot but it also determines Instagram ads placement. And, placement matters a lot. In addition, if you are not attempting to score in a competitive audience, then you probably get a spot regardless of the amount of bid even if its low. On the other hand, if you are trying to reach a competitive space, it still has the probability of getting no placement at all. There are many factors that contribute to the Instagram ads bidding and we have discussed a few below. Check out! 


Instagram ads CPC by Placement

Instagram ads CPC by Placement

Factors contributing to Instagram ads bidding

Following are some of the factors that contribute to ads bidding or costs- 

  • Your Instagram campaign’s bid- the more you are ready to pay, the more Facebook will share your ads.  In case you are choosing automatic bids, there’s a good probability that you will do fine. 
  • Relevance score– the score of your relevant ads will directly affect the cost of your Instagram ads and how Facebook determines their delivery in the bidding. 
  • Estimated action rates- like Facebook, Instagram also determines your estimated action rates by various different factors. 

How to set and manage Instagram ad budgets and bids?

You can easily customize your Instagram ads campaign’s budget by reaching Budget & Schedule section, at the time of the Instagram campaigning setup process.  

There are two types of Instagram ad budget- 

  • Daily Budget– under this budget, Facebook decides the amount of money spend on delivering your ads every/each day.  While setting a daily budget for your Instagram ads, you are indirectly setting an average. Setting a daily budget on Facebook will get you roughly worth of your budget for every advertising day. 
  • Lifetime budget – under this budget, you set a budget which you are willing to spend for a lifetime. Lifetime means the duration of your Instagram ad campaign. 

Tip- Once your Instagram ads went live on the social media platform, then you won’t be able to change or amend budget type. What you can change is the amount you are willing to pay for Instagram ads. 

Apart from setting the budget type, setting the time for Instagram ads’ cost is also crucial.  

Choosing Instagram ads’ delivery optimization

Depending on the campaign goal you chose your Instagram ads delivery optimization from several ad delivery options. 

But, what’s this “ad delivery optimization” is all about? 

Here what Facebook says!! 

“Your optimization choice tells us what to value when delivering your ad. For example, you could tell us to show your ad to the people in your target audience most likely to click a link to your website (optimizing for link clicks) or to show it as many times as possible (optimizing for impressions).”

For your better understanding, we are explaining different delivery optimization methods with a breakdown- 

  1. Post Engagement – Facebook will display your Instagram ads to the people who might view, like, comment, or share your ad or your campaign.  
  2. Conversions–  Facebook will display your ads to those people who can easily be converted into customers. 
  3. Impressions– Your ads will be displayed to as many times as many people as possible being within the limits of the advertisement budget. 
  4. Brand awareness– Facebook delivers your ads to those people who are most likely to be converted as a customer. This is one of the efficient ways to gain new Instagram followers. 
  5. Link Clicks– after optimizing, Facebook will display your ads to those people whom it thinks will click on the ads where you will be charged for every single click.
  6. Daily unique reach– Facebook will display ads in a specific ad set to people per day per week. This is a way where you can keep your ad frequency in your hand. 

How to keep Instagram ads Costs Low?

  • Begin with Manual Bidding– it is quite clear that manual bidding could be more efficient as you will have the control in your hand for the amount of bidding. When Facebook decides the bid it may cost you little more than manual. 
  • Optimize your Instagram Ad for conversion– it is one of the best ways to make sure that facebook will auto-optimize the advertisement so that you get more accurate results at a lower cost.
  • Set a time- always set a frequency cap, as it helps in setting a time interval for your ad delivery. It determines at what time your audience can see your ads on Facebook or Instagram. 


In cut short, there’s is no exact answer to the question, “How much do Instagram ads really cost in India. But, on average, the Instagram ads cost falls between $0.50 and $3.00. We tried our best to update you about Instagram cost, how to bid, and how to keep Instagram ads cost low, but if you still feeling confused or want experts to handle your Instagram ads account, feel free to contact us

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