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Social Sniper

Social Sniper is a Digital Marketing Agency  providing a complete range of services to improve & boost the online presence of businesses, influencers & socialites. We develop customized digital marketing solutions for every client. Our excellent website development services will lay down the perfect foundation for your online marketing efforts. Your need from online marketing can be anything, Sales, lead generation, brand value, followers or just visibility – Social Sniper will satisfy the needs. Social Sniper has worked for the last 5 years to design & develop websites that have changed the identity of businesses. While designing websites we pay attention to creating perfect designs & user experience that pleases the user & future customer.
Good website design will also ensure that the website performs well in terms of SEO & engagement. Hence our websites are not just beautiful but also extremely efficient in bringing results.

So the question you should ask about your website –

  • Are you happy with the website look & feel?
  • Is the website better than competitor website?
  • Is the website generating enough business?
  • Is the website reflecting the brand value & quality of your business?
  • Is the user spending time on the website?
  • Are the visitors coming back to your website?

If the answer to any of the above questions is NO, then you might need to rethink, re-strategize, redesign & redevelop the website. Taking help from professionals might actually be necessary as the rest of your competitors might be using professional website design & development services. So you can get in touch with Social Sniper for any kind of website design & development in Noida and an expert team will be happy to help you. digital composite of business graphics with office background

Social Sniper

Our Process

Website Development Process at Social Sniper

Analysis: The first phase is about researching and analyzing information such as  – What is the Website purpose, target demographic & final goals(Sales, Leads, etc.)? A good amount of time is invested to properly understand your business & what is the expectation you might have from the website. In order to achieve desired targets, a very clear understanding is established of your business with the team at Social Sniper.

Planning: – The next phase for web development service is planning the entire structure of the website.

  • The number of pages on the website.
  • The functions on every page.
  • The technologies to be used.
  • This phase lays down the overall website design blueprint.


The Design is the USP of Social Sniper Digital Marketing team. We create elaborate wireframe models to perfect the user experience. Develop a
beautiful visual style matching the brand image of your business.

 Content Creation:

Selecting the right words, images, infographics & videos to convey the right message to the website visitors about your business is done at this stage. Through careful feedback & selection, the most engaging content is uploaded on the website.


This phase is the most important for executing the perfect vision created initially about the website. High-end coding & website development platforms are used to enable website with smooth functioning & analytical feedback.

 Testing and Delivery: –

Before the website goes live we go through a rigorous testing phase to check factors
like –

  • Browser Compatibility
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Technical Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Expectation Fulfilment

Launch & Maintenance: After the Social Sniper team feels completely satisfied, we move to the launch phase of the website. However, our work does not end with the launch. As a dedicated website development service firm Social Sniper monitors the growth of the website to make changes according to user feedback, market & technology advancements.
A good business needs a perfect website so the website design needs to be
immaculate. The perception of the user has to be delightful every time the user looks at the website. To hire a professional website design & development service is a necessity nowadays if you need the website to be impactful. Social Sniper is extremely dedicated to perfecting the design and user experience, hence when we take on a website project there is an assurance of the highest quality website. The prior work done by Social Sniper on different websites – informational & functional has always been fruitful for the clients.

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