The digital partner
We care about your success. Tell us your targets and we’ll develop the perfect strategy to get you there. You have the product. We connect you to customers.
Expert Execution
Get everything you need to drive digital engagement. Whether it’s support with social media, web development or display advertising, our team of experts are ready to help.
Strategy Development
We’ll use hard research to create a complete guide for your brand’s online engagement – what to do, how, when & where ?
Customised Solution
Every business is different, so we design a specific solution for every partner to connect with the target demographic by age, area & other various other factors.

Whether you’re investing in online or offline marketing, are you getting your money’s worth? Sure, you might have some traffic & profit – but is it enough? Social Sniper will partner with clients to make sure they achieve the best growth possible with constant, expert attention to campaign & regular feedback. A complete 360 degree marketing strategy.

Our Products

Digital Marketing
Result oriented short term & long term campaigns online for achieving highest ROI.
Search Engine Optimisation
Best method to create organic online brand with expert content delivery.
Web & App Development
Embrace the mobile platform for enhancing the online business activity.
Offline Marketing
Discover the power of unified offline & online marketing that delivers exponential results.
Social Media Marketing
Find new clients & capitalise with targeted promotions refined by location and interest
Design Excellence
Experienced team of graphic, UI/UX designers & video editors to deliver best image of your business.

Our Success Recipe

Digital marketing success is not a gamble. It takes excellence to succeed (and lots of it!) Every campaign is based on in-depth market research & competitor analysis. This lets us design a customised strategy to connect with clients & audience like never before.
We are about doing things differently. We’re committed to try something new everyday , once we accumulate research & data to back it up! This aggressive innovation has got our clients great results & immediate visibility.
When you buy something, you want to know what you are spending on & what are you getting? Well we know how to make it happen. That’s why we make sure our clients are kept constantly aware with regular expense & progress reports.
Smart investment multiplies money. We always carry out necessary market research to make sure your money is invested in the right channels to get highest returns.

Let’s boost your business.

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